Some thoughts on CPD

Excellent post for reflecting on just what kind of CPD we should be offering.

Over the summer I read The CPD Curriculum by Mark and Zoe Enser and it has made me really think and reflect upon CPD provision and support within schools. It has also made me really think about our CPD focus this year and how I will go about approaching this focus.

Our CPD focus this year is oracy. First and foremost, I think this is a worthwhile focus for an international school – a school that has language learning at its heart. However, oracy is a broad CPD area that has to be approached with caution if it is successfully going to develop staff and improve the school’s provision for our pupils. Yes, broad focuses are great because they empower departments to focus on areas that are most relevant and beneficial to them, but understanding the different facets behind a strategy and the facets that will be more useful in…

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First Day of School: Six Word Stories with a Twist

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Today’s guest post is from one of Rebekah & Allison’s colleagues, Maria Bartz. Maria  is an English teacher at Trinity Episcopal School in Richmond, VA.  She loves a clean white board for spontaneous think tank sessions with her inspiring colleagues, a fully charged laptop to explore the ever-growing world of educational technology, and  big circle of passionate teenagers engaged in thought-provoking discussion.

IMG_1530 First-day six word memoirs from Maria’s students

Planning for the first day is a balancing act.  I want it to be fun, unique, and a truthful preview of what the school year will look like in my room.  For the past six years of teaching, plans for the first day were a mix of icebreakers, quick review of the syllabus, and writing some sort of introduction letter, which they would finish for homework.  It just never felt genuine or much like my classroom.  

This year, I decided…

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